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“Quindici anni fa, questo mese

Sandy GreenbergQuesta donna ti fa venire voglia di sesso” dice il fotografo Stephen Wayda al proposito di Miss Giugno 1987, Sandy Greenberg. “Molte volte i servizi fotografici sono lungamente preparati , dietro c’è un grande lavoro dei costumisti  e una lunga ricerca per le ambientazioni, il suo servizio, invece, è stato uno dei più semplici- solamente alcune lenzuola bianche – con Sandy è stato tutto molte reale. Tant’è che bastava guardarlo per sperare di essere il fortunato che la raggiungesse su quel letto”. I lettori si accorsero per la prima volta di Sandy quando partecipò al programma television Max Head Room. Fu un successo talmente enorme che la scegliemmo come Playmate. Le ultime notizie che abbiamo di lei è che vive sulla costa a Nord Ovest del Pacifico.” Italian Playboy 2002

Translated with google

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Playboy Video Magazine #12

Playboy Video Magazine 12Sondra was featured in this video as Maxine Legroom.

She appeared four times. Right at the beginning was the longest part. It is her Maxine Legroom dance & music  video.

The next was Maxine making some jokes about TV remote controls and what you can do with it other than changing the TV station. You know what I mean…

Winking smile 

The 3rd was a short Maxine Legroom dance video.

And the last part was right before the final credits.


Turning Sondra into Maxine

The Chicago Tribune published in February 1987 an article about the work of  makeup artist Anthony. Peter Gorner’s title of  his article was “Mask Man – For Art Anthony Turning An Actor Into A Dog Is A Real Kick“.

In the first part he wrote about  Anthony how he turns Sondra in Maxine. Here it is …

More complicated for the makeup artist was the recent disguising of a sex kitten Playboy magazine dreamed up as a mate for the English video character, Max Headroom. Anthony obliterated the model`s eyebrows, changed the bone structure of her forehead, sculpted her “hair“ with waves of special glue, brushed in color, and — voila ! — Maxine Legroom.

This sounds very easy but we know that this lasts for about 8-9 hours as you can read here.


Maxine Legroom video @

I found a link via to a page from a guy named himself “ViplusgonzoA”. He has a video online with the “Maxine Legroom”.

Thanks google…

Maxine Legroom Video at Flickr

I found a link via to a flickr page with a Maxine Legroom video. Someone named Sssour  posted this part of the video.

The video is 51 seconds long with some dancing scenes with Sondra, no Maxine.


Maxine Legroom Dance Video

Maxine_Legrrom_Dance_Video-36 Someone named ‘consciousobject‘ published at LiveJournal a blog entry about our ‘Maxine Legrrom‘. He wrote about her make up and the quality of the video clip.

But the best is, that he captures the video from his VCR and published the video. You can download his files from RapidShare and MegaUpload – just check his site for the d/l link.  He also mentioned that there is a ad for condoms named ‘Love Glove‘ with Maxine Legroom.

This is just too cool – Tanks to google and ‘consciousobject’..!


Her alter ego… Maxine

(c) Sondra GreenbergThe ego was created for the January 1987 issue of the Playboy magazine in the USA. During the mid’s 1980ties  a popular TV series was “Max Headroom“. So Playboy imagined how Max’s girl friend would look like. The result was “Maxine Legroom

Maxine” took 8 to 9 hours of make-up and staging. She loved doing that character and she is well known for her alter ego “Maxine Legroom“. You can see a personal photo of Sondra in the “Maxine Legroom” outfit on the right. It was shot during the capture of the video shooting which was a spin-off of the magazine appearance.

There were several video clips aired on the Playboy channel. On was a dance video and a couple spots for condoms referred to as “Love Gloves“. Very Fun Stuff – Great concept, art director, crew and directors.

More information about “Maxine” will be published soon, promised. I got some more personal pictures from Sondra.



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