New video @ youtube


you can see a new video @ youtube. The video shows some new pictures of Sondra – at least for me.

I am not sure if this is an official video.



Hot Rod Show World 28th - Sandy GreenbergSondra was – at least – in the HOT ROD SHOW WORLD 28th annual magazine. You can find this issue on eBay. Is this the only appearance?




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Her centerfold bed picture

If you take a closer look on the watch you will see that the time is different.

  • The time in the Greek, Italian and Hong Kong playboy is 12:10 pm
  • The time in the US playboy and on the Brazilian & Polish calendar picture is 12:00 pm
  • In Japan the playboy picture is slightly different and the time is 5:30 pm

Ciao, dIRK

Playboy Playmate Bloopers 1992

Playmate Bloopers 1992Sondra has a short appearance in this video.

The source is IMDB and the cover at Rotten Tomatoes.

Ciao, dIRK

A new wall poster…

Sondra new wall posterI think this is a new poster with Sondra.

Ciao, dIRK

New magazine

GirlsOf Playboy 1987 Australian EditionSondra was in another playboy magazine…

Girls of Playboy 1987” – Australian edition

The cover model is Julie Peterson and the pictorial models are Shannon Long, Linda Krijgisman, Anna Clark, Rebekka Armstrong, Kat Livingstone, Kim Paige, Ava Fabian, Felicity Collins, Laurie Carr, Sherry Arnett, Julie Peterson, Grace Parr, Donna Edmondson, Lynne Austin, Cynthia Brimhall and of course Sandy Greenberg.


Czech Playboy 1997

Czech 1997In this magazine is also some text about then cover. Translated with Google …

Dreams of life in the jungle can be very dramatic, sometimes abounding grace. For example, you might come across a crosswalk, and not just any: American Playmate of intestinal 1987 Sandy Greenberg. Dreamy photographed by Stephen Wayda, make-up by Pat Tomlinson. Rabbit Zebra spared this time



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